A Better World Through Sustainability

The journey that led to the discovery and creation of Puroast coffee’s unique roast has its roots in the traditional, natural roasting methods of coffee growers.  When we hear our customers discuss the wellness they experience with Puroast, we know they’re referring to the smooth taste and the low acid content that helps reduce heartburn and acid reflux. And we talk about our roasting as the reason for that – but inside the roasting, there’s another bit of good news!
At the core of Puroast’s roasting magic is renewable energy.  In fact 90% of the energy used at Puroast’s roasting facility comes from renewable and sustainable resources.  The quality and efficiency of this energy plays a critical role in producing Puroast Coffee’s wellness.
Media and news reports often talk about “carbon foot prints”, “greenhouse gasses” and “sustainability”.  While there is a lot of debate about what the true and long-lasting consequences of industrialization, pollution and waste are for Planet Earth, one thing just about everybody agrees on is efficient and sustainable use of resources.
In fact at Puroast we believe sustainability is not enough we started our company not just to be more sustainable, but really to produce a better product through sustainability.   Without our renewable energy source, we wouldt be able to deliver Puroast Coffee to you.