The facts don't lie, Starbucks Coffee is being altered...

Starbucks coffee is being altered with potassium. While potassium may be a nutrient, there is nothing positive about adding ingredients WITHOUT disclosure. Simply put, Starbucks Dark French Roast coffee is being made smoother by added potassium, WITHOUT being listed on the label. 
Read more in this article by the New York Post Starbucks Dark French Roast ‘is not 100% Coffee’: Complaint

(Starbucks adding potassium to coffee)
(Studies conducted at North Carolina A&T State University)

The Unusual Finding...

We want to think that well-known and loved brands like Starbucks would deliver their products as labeled. Well…during our recent lab testing of popular coffee brands, results showed that Starbucks Dark French Roast coffee samples had added potassium, WITHOUT disclosure.



Here's How We Found Out...

Testing by Dr. Salam Ibrahim, a widely published food scientist at North Carolina A&T State University, revealed that Starbucks Dark French Roast coffee samples had potassium added to it, WITHOUT disclosure.

"What is Good Coffee? Certainly Not Starbucks Dark French Roast Laced with Potassium..."

Puroast Coffee

Natural Vs. Artificial

We all love our coffee, and knowing what is in it matters. Starbucks is trying to create a smoother brew, but doing it artificially is not the way to go.

Puroast makes coffee smoother naturally through a special roasting process. Zero Additives.

Trust the Process ...

From Farm to Roast to Cup...

We do our best to ensure that our customers are getting The Best Coffee in the World, for the World. Our process is natural and sustainable, and unlike any other coffee roaster in the country, we created the first sustainable commercial coffee roaster, inspired by the traditional roasting methods of coffee farmers.




100% pure coffee

That is why Puroast tastes and makes you feel good. It is that simple!

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