Ugandan Single Origin

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Ugandan Single Origin Coffee is a super premium single origin coffee grown from the rich volcanic soils of Uganda where traditional growing processes have been preserved. Combined with our proprietary natural roasting methods, this Ugandan single origin coffee delivers the smoothest best tasting single origin coffee in the world – Medium Roast



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Puroast’s proprietary roasting technology lowers acidity by 70% giving you symptom relief from heartburn, acid reflux, and other stomach problems. Consumers who care about digestive health prefer to drink Puroast for its wellness properties and superb flavor. In addition to low acidity, Puroast’s trade secret roasting technology produces coffee with 7 times more antioxidants than green tea.

If you purchase this product you will earn 42-80 Points worth $4.20-$8.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 42-80 Points worth $4.20-$8.00!

19 reviews for Ugandan Single Origin

  1. Juan

    Tastes Great and No Heartburn

    I’m not an avid coffee drinker, but I would like a nice cup when I need one to get me going in the morning. I also struggle with GERD, so coffee will do me in.

    I was VERY surprised that puroast coffee causes me no problems. I was also pleased that the coffee actually tastes greats and brews really nice. I went back and tried other coffees and I really don’t want to drink anything else.

    I really do love it. Look forward to trying different blends.

  2. Joy

    A blessing!

    This coffee is amazing. I thought my coffee drinking days were over as even most low acid roasts bother me. Not so with puroast, I can drink coffee again!!! Thank you!!

  3. Laura

    Great Tasting Coffee

    I like the smooth taste and the fact that it has less acid. I have drank this coffee for years and highly recommend it to everyone.

  4. Lora

    Outstanding Quality

    This coffee is the ONLY caffeinated I can enjoy on a daily basis without causing acid problems. I have tried many others, but I always start my day with a cup or two of this smooth and delicious blend.

  5. brett

    It really is unique

    I love the flavor and the feel from this coffee- my only regret is it doesn’t come in decaf. I really like to drink 1/2 caff and end up mixing it with another fine coffee but it doesn’t have the Puroast magic…hoping you’ll start roasting the organic decaf!

  6. Rachel

    Very Good Coffee!

    I saw this coffee yesterday in my local health food store and was impressed by the story. I love coffee and I am very picky about the type I purchase. I don’t have digestive issues, but normally coffee gives me a stomach ache during and after I drink it. I just figured this was normal. I’m so happy I tried this brand because from the first sip there was no bitterness and no stomach ache! The smoothest coffee I have ever drank! I will definitely purchase this coffee in the future. The only request is I’m not sure if the coffee is from fair trade farms but that would be an even bigger plus. Thanks for the great coffee without the hurt belly!

  7. Kay

    What a difference!

    I always heard if there was anything “wrong” with coffee, it was the caffeine. But this summer I heard that the acid in coffee can destroy your stomach lining. So I stopped coffee for 10 years, did some gut healing work then ordered this coffee. WOW what a difference and it’s not because I’d been off it for awhile. I can drink this coffee black, no other coffee has to have heavy cream. I drank this for a few weeks & ran out bought a small amount of organic fresh ground locally and after 1 cup had to give the rest of the beans away. This will be “my” coffee from now on. I’ve also contacted my local Whole Foods store and ask them to start carrying it. If people could try the difference, they’d switch.

  8. Larry

    Great taste with low acid.

    Great taste. After having a stomach operation, I was having trouble with the acid from my usual coffee. My wife saw your coffee in a health food store. It is great we can now enjoy several cups every morning. Thanks

  9. Ganna

    fine coffee

    House blend decaf has a regular coffee taste and flavor. Good quality.
    Somehow I don’t enjoy it a lot. May be because I’m more espresso lover .
    Got this one in a hurry from the local store. Now ordering flavored and espresso decaf from Puroast web site.

  10. Geena

    My one and only!

    This is the only coffee that doesn’t give me acid reflux. I’m so thankful for it! I’ve switched back to other brands of coffee a couple of times and have experienced troublesome acidity of the stomach. Yikes! I will now stick with Puroast for ever & ever.

  11. Kimberly

    Best switch to a low acid coffee!

    I randomly found this coffee in the grocery isle. Recently, I had a terrible flare up of Acid reflux, so bad that I had an ulcer in my esophagus. When I went to the doctor he gave me a list of things to cut out of my diet. Coffee (Caffeine) was one of them. However, I’ve slowly started drinking a cup or two a day when I found puroast. So far it has helped tremendously with acid reflux compared to the old coffee that I was drinking.

  12. Stefanie


    Best coffee ! especially if you suffer from heart burn

  13. Mick

    Great coffee, need an organic house decaf.

    Non-organic coffee has a bad rep. This is such good organic coffee and I would like to see the house blend offered in decaf as well.

  14. Christine

    Only coffee I will drink!

    Been using this coffee for years

  15. Jeffrey


    It is great to have a delicious organic low acid coffee to drink. Thank you

  16. Jacqueline C

    Great for people w/ sensitivities!

    Like a few other people who left reviews before me, I also have interstitial cystitis, which makes my bladder very sensitive to caffeine and acidic foods/drinks, among other things. I’m in nursing school so I know I won’t survive without caffeine and thought I’d give this a try. No pain whatsoever! To me it has a little bit of a weird aftertaste, but not having pain outweighs the aftertaste so I’m going to continue to buy it.

  17. selinam0830

    The best coffee ever made !
    The only coffee I can drink since developing GI issues.

  18. Deborah G. Nishizaki (verified owner)

    This is my favorite coffee “above” all others sold on the market. I drink Puroast Ground, Organic House Blend, for several years now. I love the delicious taste and it doesn’t hurt my stomach. I am so glad it is on the market and I buy directly from Puroast. Yummy on my taste buds. It truly is the best tasting coffee I have ever enjoyed. Thank you Puroast. I tell everyone I know about this delicious coffee and they love it too.

  19. Mike

    Great coffee…taste and on the stomach; however, Kroger is usually out of stock unless you have it shipped.

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