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Organic French Roast

(21 customer reviews)

Organic French Roast is a rich, flavorful dark roast made of the highest quality organic beans blended perfectly to provide a wellness boost for any time of the day.



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Puroast’s proprietary roasting technology lowers acidity by 70% giving you symptom relief from heartburn, acid reflux, and other stomach problems. Consumers who care about digestive health prefer to drink Puroast for its wellness properties and superb flavor. In addition to low acidity, Puroast’s trade secret roasting technology produces coffee with 7 times more antioxidants than green tea.

If you purchase this product you will earn 15-68 Points worth $1.50-$6.80!
If you purchase this product you will earn 15-68 Points worth $1.50-$6.80!

21 reviews for Organic French Roast

  1. Ileen Weber

    your coffee solved…

    Your coffee solved my coffee acid problem and it tastes great. I’m a Seattleite and we’re a bit snobbish about coffee as well as particular. Puroast French Roast is as good as any coffee I’ve tried. It has a deep flavor with no bitterness. Delicious! And what’s even better I don’t have to feel guilty about what I’m buying because it’s Fair Trade and Organic. Thanks so much for creating this product.

  2. Rose Mary

    Great flavor!

    I’m enjoying a cup of Organic French Roast right now. It is SO good! I had a cup of “regular” coffee this week and was amazed at how bitter it was. I’m spoiled with my Puroast!
    It’s a bonus that it is organic, I’m hoping to see Puroast organic Colombian soon.

  3. Barbara

    A Real Find

    I love this coffee! I tried several other low acid brands before finding this one. The others did not taste good to me so I was very pleasantly surprised when I tired Puroast and found it to be delicious. In addition, it does not bother my sensitive stomach. A real find!

  4. John/Alicia

    Better then “regular” coffee

    Recently Puroast has tweaked their coffee to the better! This Organic French roast is even better then regular coffe. It is rich,not bitter, smooth and very tasty! Thanks Puroast for maing such great coffee!

  5. John/Alicia

    Better then the “Big names”

    This organic French roast is very smooth and not at all bitter. It is rich and a great morning brew. I would have never found this delicious coffee if not for some digestive issues that regular(and usually bitter coffee) aggravate.

  6. Bonnie

    Absolutely Wonderful

    I love the flavor and freshness of this coffee; the fact that it is low acid, organic, and a wonderful dark French roast makes waking up in the morning something to look forward to. I enjoy this coffee brewed in a French press and then blended with a TBLS of unsalted butter and a TBLS of heavy cream. This makes a delicious frothy cup of coffee similar to a Cappuccino.

  7. brett

    Love this!

    So glad I found this coffee. It is good for me and makes me feel good! I wish there were more varieties of organic…the roasting process truly makes a difference! Thanks!

  8. brett

    Enjoy sharing

    I have a friend who normally can’t drink French Roast and I gave her a cup this morning and she loved it-had no idea it could have been French! Low acid….it works! Thanks!

  9. Karen

    Yes Wonderful Coffee

    Better than any store brand, Smooth – Not Bitter, A Great Start to A Good Morning Thank You

  10. Sarah



    Love It & So Does My Sensitive Stomach!

  11. Kim


    I just purchased this Org. Fr. Rst coffee at my local Health Food Store and am very pleasantly surprised & grateful for the wonderful flavor. So smooth, full body & tastes GREAT. In Jan this yr 2015 I started Juicing & eating Plant based foods. I also began drinking warm lemon water with fresh sliced ginger & turmeric & getting off of the morning coffee. So that is great in and of itself but I found I still wanted one in the afternoon sometimes after work. But then I recently found out that I have silent reflux & was told to stop drinking coffee along with a few other foods. Well bummer…. 🙁 So I had been disregarding the NO Coffee rule & thought I would need a De-café coffee. Then a German Co-worker told me about this Low Acidic Coffee is what I need. Hallelujah!!! So I have now found my NEW FAVORITE coffee to drink. I am sooooo pleased about the flavor and taste of this coffee. I will recommend to anyone. Thanks so Much. 🙂 P.S. And the fact that it is Organic AND Fair Trade is outstanding. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

  12. Kim

    Fabulous Coffee

    I just purchased this coffee at my local Health Food Store right around the corner from me after finding out that what I needed is Low Acidic coffee NOT de-café coffee for my Silent Reflux. The flavor, aroma, smoothness, Is everything I want and desire in a cup of coffee. It truly is a Fabulous Coffee and I will be purching from now on. The fact that it is Organic, which is what I asked for, and that it is a Fair Trade product is ALL THE BETTER. Thank YOu all so much for this wonderful product. 🙂

  13. Elisa


    I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker for a few reasons until I discovered Puroast organic, fair trade French Roast in 2015 at a local store. It has a pleasant taste and is not too dark tasting or overpowering. I love pouring it into my insulated thermos many mornings, taking it to work, and enjoying it for hours through my day. I love the fact that it has far less acid and far more antioxidants than other coffees. This company’s origin and background is interesting, and now that I’ve discovered delicious flavors are also offered, I’m excited to try them and review them. Thank you for your products!

  14. Denise

    Three qualities rarely found together

    I’ve been buying this coffee for a long time, and I still enjoy it. I have no need to keep shopping around. What can be better than great taste, low acid, and organic?

  15. Jonathan

    Organic French Roast

    I purchased this from my local Kroger. I have not had coffee in over a year. I have always missed it. I enjoy coffee. I am sensitive to caffeine, so I cut it out over a year ago. But I have come back. I enjoyed the very first cup of this coffee and look forward to it every morning. I have not tried the other organic roast, House, so I can not give any comparison. I would recommend this coffee. It does not upset my stomach.

  16. Jonathan

    Organic French Roast

    I am very happy that I tried this coffee. It is very smooth and not bitter. I have it every morning. It does not bother my stomach.

  17. Kay

    Great Coffee

    Organic, low acid and taste good.

  18. msplaykate

    I can drink coffee again every day!

    I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with coffee for years… finally had to get serious and give it up altogether because I could no longer deny the negatives were compounding… jitters, stomach upset, general inflammation. Then I happened to see Puroast in my local grocery store and the packaging caught my eye – “70% less acid, organic, and even antioxidants? This is too good to be true!” I tried it out and was cautiously optimistic. Came here to the website to see what other roasts they have and was delighted to see an organic French Roast, so ordered the fine grind. All I can say is — hallelujah! I’ve been drinking this coffee on a daily basis for a year now and have not had any of the issues I’ve had before with coffee. I make one strong cup each morning, and occasionally have a tiny bit in the afternoon. I know I could not do this with any other brand. Extremely pleased with Puroast! Thank you!!

  19. Julie

    Stays Fresh

    I lost my bag of Organic French Roast Whole Beans and found it over a year later. It still produced the same fresh, smooth, tasteful, deep french roasted flavor I enjoy in this type of roasting.

  20. Jeffrey

    Another wonderful organic coffee.

    Smooth and delicious. One of my favorites -great way to start the day

  21. John Milich

    I totally love this blend, for all the same reasons as given above in so many glowing comments. Just curious about the source of the beans: Columbia?

    • PuroastAdmin

      It is a blend of Columbian, Guatemalan and Peruvian coffee beans.

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