Mocha Java Decaf

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Mocha Java Decaf combines subtle Mocha Java flavors with the highest quality decaffeinated coffee beans to create a mellow dessert coffee with a smooth finish that won’t upset your stomach. Drink in the morning or during the evening for a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee. Naturally decaffeinated.



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Puroast’s proprietary roasting technology lowers acidity by 70% giving you symptom relief from heartburn, acid reflux, and other stomach problems. Consumers who care about digestive health prefer to drink Puroast for its wellness properties and superb flavor. In addition to low acidity, Puroast’s trade secret roasting technology produces coffee with 7 times more antioxidants than green tea.

If you purchase this product you will earn 36-69 Points worth $3.60-$6.90!
If you purchase this product you will earn 36-69 Points worth $3.60-$6.90!

7 reviews for Mocha Java Decaf

  1. Nancy

    Good Iced

    I make this with a Toddy Brewer and then use if for iced coffee. Tasty!

  2. Michelle

    very good but prefer Chocolate Almond

    I had previously ordered the decaf Chocolate Almond but thought I would try Mocha Java next. I am enjoying it but prefer the Chocolate Almond for the more chocolaty taste and aroma of almonds.

  3. Ganna

    one of favorites

    This one is one of my favorite Puroast coffees. Not overwhelming flavor of Mocha but still some additional flavor. Half bold, half smooth taste.
    Will get back to it after I’ll finish Espresso decaf.

  4. jude

    grateful decaf drinker

    I haven’t been able to intestinally tolerate most coffees for the past 40 years!
    It was such a relief and delight to stumble upon Puroast Decaf about ten years ago.
    The true “acid test”, pun intended, just happened these past two weeks, when I ran out
    and bought some high end decaf in my local grocer. My system wasn’t happy.
    I just reordered the Mocha Java, which is my favorite flavor Puroast bean.
    Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy coffee and feel well, too.

  5. Ganna

    Favorite one

    I’m usually ordering 1 pack of regular coffee from this brand and 1 decaf. To be able to adjust caffein, depending on my morning/day needs.
    This is an exceptional flavor, that I was ordering it 3 times in a row of both decaf and regular.
    Feels pretty strong bodied coffee, with not cloying flavor. Probably my favorite among others from Puroast.

  6. Michelle

    Exciting Find

    Mocha Java is my all time favorite blend. It is so hard to find, especially in decaf. This one is the best mocha java I’ve ever tasted, plus no reflux! Thanks

  7. Betsy Kauffman

    I love the subtle chocolate flavor of this decaf coffee and so do my guests when I serve it at evening get togethers. It’s the best low acid I have found. They are always surprised that it is decaf.

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