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Low Acid Lost Art Blend

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Lost Art Blend contains a fine balance between dark and medium roast coffee resulting in an exquisite taste. Puroast Coffee’s founder developed the Lost Art Blend as the first roast Puroast ever produced. The “Lost Art” of roasting allows coffee to develop more naturally resulting in high antioxidant, low acid coffee.



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“Now You Can Drink Coffee Again”. The superior smoothness of Puroast Low Acid Coffee allows you to enjoy that extra cup of coffee. Our proprietary roasting process retains all of the benefits of coffee without the negatives. Full bodied flavor with all the caffeine while having 70% less acid and 7 times more antioxidants than green tea. The overall benefits of Puroast Low Acid Coffee will help you “feel better, not bitter” long after you finish your cup.

If you purchase this product you will earn 13-52 Points worth $1.30-$5.20!
If you purchase this product you will earn 13-52 Points worth $1.30-$5.20!


  1. Rose Mary

    Lost Art Blend is my favorite!

    I have several of Puroast’s blends and roasts in my coffee cabinet and enjoy them all, but The Lost Art Blend is my favorite! Just the right balance and flavor.
    Puroast is the only coffee I drink!

  2. David

    As good as promised!

    Background: I am near 70, have swallowed a LOT of coffee at a lot of locations all over the world, and recently became challenged by a stomach condition for which acidity might threaten my health. And I definitely do not want to give up coffee.
    Through internet search I stumbled on PuRoast and it is as advertised. My wife and I cold brew 2 quarts at a time (1-1/2 cups rough ground coffee + 7 or 8 cups of purified water; let stand 12 to 15 hours, then filter into a carafe and keep in refrigerator.) That method produces a concentrate that reduces the acidity of any coffee and it is so convenient to mix the concentrate with additional purified water just before drinking (I like 50/50). Then drink cold or warm in a pan, over a fire, or in cup in microwave. Doing the same with PuRoast Lost Art Blend makes an even better cup of coffee than any other I have ever purchased. The acidity is significantly lower than any other I’ve tried. I prove it by using pH litmus test strips, and my taste buds and stomach verify the litmus tests. Test it yourself — buy test strips at your local pharmacy. I think mine came from Publix or Target.
    I now have to order different PuRoast flavors and blends to see if there are even better ones for us. Thanks PurRoast.
    ps – I am not affiliated with PuRoast except as a customer. I am a Florida custom fishing boat builder, home education promoter, environment conservationist, and a few other things.
    Happy sipping & happy trails.

  3. Karl

    Great Choice

    At last a low acidic coffee…

  4. Karl

    Great Choice

    At last a low acidic coffee…

  5. Nancy

    MY Fave

    This blend is just sooo very smooth. I highly recommend it!

  6. Lauren

    favorite blend

    I’ve tried several Puroast blends and this is by far my favorite blend. Lots of flavor without all the acid burn of regular coffee.

  7. Rhonda

    Not bad

    This is listed under medium roast, but it it closer to a dark roast. I typically don’t like dark roast coffees as they are too bitter for my taste. When I caught a whiff of this as I was pouring my cup it smelled very strong & I didn’t think I would like it. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not strong/ bitter tasting at all.

  8. Joyce

    Really enjoyed this

    I prefer darker roasts but I will definitely be trying this again. Delicious black.

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