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The House Blend is a rich, flavorful medium roast made of the highest quality coffee beans to create a smooth great tasting coffee for any time of day without the bitter aftertaste.



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Puroast’s proprietary roasting technology lowers acidity by 70% giving you symptom relief from heartburn, acid reflux, and other stomach problems. Consumers who care about digestive health prefer to drink Puroast for its wellness properties and superb flavor. In addition to low acidity, Puroast’s trade secret roasting technology produces coffee with 7 times more antioxidants than green tea.

If you purchase this product you will earn 32-60 Points worth $3.20-$6.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 32-60 Points worth $3.20-$6.00!

23 reviews for House Blend

  1. Juan

    Great Coffee

    I’m not an avid coffee drinker, but I would like a nice cup when I need one to get me going in the morning. I also struggle with GERD, so coffee will do me in.

    I was VERY surprised that puroast coffee causes me no problems. I was also pleased that the coffee actually tastes greats and brews really nice. I went back and tried other coffees and I really don’t want to drink anything else.

    I really do love it. Look forward to trying different blends.

  2. Amie

    LOVE this coffee

    Someone told me about “low-acid” coffee when I began suffering from acid reflux and was told coffee was off limits by my doctor. Upon doing a little research I stumbled upon PUROAST and have enjoyed this coffee ever since. The house blend fine grind is my favorite; it is very rich and flavorful but is not strong tasting. I enjoy this coffee daily and will continue to do so. I have no acid reflux problems as a result of drinking this coffee. I highly recommend this product! I would also say sign up for the email newsletters because you get great coupons that help you save $.

    I have not tried any other flavors/types to date.

  3. Cara

    Not too bad

    I am recovering from a gastric ulcer, but I really need a cup of coffee in the morning. So far I think this coffee agrees with me fairly well. It is not the best tasting coffee ever, but it’s not too bad. I will try a different blend next time.

  4. Eric

    Pretty Good Coffee

    This particular type of coffee is great, keeps me awake and going and most important is very gentle with my stomach. I suffer from stomach ulcer and these type of coffees are the only ones that my stomach will accept.

    I highly recommend Puroast to who ever has trouble with too acid coffees. This particular one it will minimize the acidity without losing its excellent coffee flavor.

  5. Mike

    Great on this size

    Loved the medium roast house blend. I had ordered it twice in this size then decided to go ahead and order the 5 lb bag. When it arrived it was not this same roast I had been getting. It was a dark blend which I do not like. They sent out a ticket to pick up free of charge. We will see how this works out. More to come.

  6. Mike

    Follow up on earlier review

    Wrote tis on 10-12-15 (Loved the medium roast house blend. I had ordered it twice in this size then decided to go ahead and order the 5 lb bag. When it arrived it was not this same roast I had been getting. It was a dark blend which I do not like. They sent out a ticket to pick up free of charge. We will see how this works out. More to come. (Posted on 10/15/12)) Puroast did send out a replacement for the coffee that had been mailed wrong in about a week.

    My only other complaint was that I had driven to a local town recently, one listed on their website as a place to purchase this coffee. I went out of my way to find this store. The store did not carry the brand. Best to call and check this out before you travel to buy their coffee. Their website may not be correct.

  7. Kathleen R

    Best low acid coffee made

    Before discovering Puroast coffee, I had to forgo coffee because of the acid that made my stomach very upset. Since drinking Puroast low acid coffee, my stomach has not had any ill effects. I’ve tried several flavors but I continue to come back to the House Blend which has a nice full body flavor yet not too strong. This is the only coffee I will now drink. Thank you, Puroast, for providing such excellent low acid coffee.

  8. Amy


    So far so good no burn.

  9. Tina

    Try this one!

    If you’re looking for a mild tasting coffee, then this is what you should try. I suggest starting with this one if you’re new to Puroast.

  10. LovesCoffee

    No more acid reflux

    I’m so happy with this coffee! I thought I was going to have to give up coffee forever, until a friend recommended Puroast. Even after the first cup, I could tell a difference. I’ve been drinking it ever since & want no other!

  11. james

    Very surprised

    Purchased this blend in my local grocery. I was looking around the organic section for organic cookies and came across Puroast Coffee. The amount of greater antioxidants and less acid appealed to me. I took a chance. Now I have a new coffee and thrilled to know it is available in K-Cups (I am lazy); for now, I will use my single cup and make this awesome tasting coffee and enjoy.
    james (Decatur, GA)

  12. Karen

    Great for my Reflux

    I have suffered from acid reflux and thought I was going to have to give up my coffee. I found this brand and enjoy it.

  13. Hiliary

    This product makes me so happy!!

    I was diagnosed in 2009 with Interstitial Cystitis and was forced to give up coffee. I found Puroast at Kroger and decided to test it out. I was amazed that it gave me no pain whatsoever and I have been drinking it ever since. It is simply amazing!

  14. Rhonda

    Very tasty

    This coffee is very smooth & tasty, it’s not at all bitter. My boss has recently begun having trouble with the acid in coffee upsetting his stomach, so bought this to try to alleviate those issues. It must have agreed with him, I’m ordering again.

  15. Satisfied Customer in GA

    Great Coffee

    This is a great tasting coffee. Recently I started having heartburn and joint pain after drinking my daily two cups of coffee. After searching for low acid coffee, I stumbled across Puroast. I actually ordered the dark roast online and am waiting to receive my order. However, I wanted relief from my symptoms without temporarily giving up coffee, so I went to a local grocery store that only carried the house blend. After drinking two cups this morning, I haven’t had heartburn or joint pain.

  16. Kristin

    This is the one and only!

    I have yet to find anyone that doesn’t like this when I brew it for them. I keep trying other flavors & roasts, but always come back to this. It’s PERFECT…what else can I say!?

  17. SHERRI

    perfect coffee if you have a sensitive bladder

    Sensitive bladders are not a popular topic of discussion – but if you have a sensitive bladder and the doctor told you coffee is bad for you, this is your saving grace! Quality tasting coffee!

  18. Vickie

    House Blend

    Just found this at our local health food store. I really like the taste of this coffee and the best part is it doesn’t make me jittery and it doesn’t hurt my stomach. I’m very happy with my new coffee!

  19. PJB

    Not going back —>

    Can no longer drink any other coffee but Puroast House Blend!

  20. Lisa

    Coffee of Choice!

    I bought the House Blend a few years ago from a grocery store and I’m grateful I tried it! It has a pleasant aroma, and the smoothness is wonderful. I’ve never had acid reflux from any Puroast coffees. I’ve shared this this brand with some coworkers and relatives & they all like it. I’m happy knowing that this brand is organic, practices sustainability practices, and has far less acid than other coffees, and 7 times the amount of antioxidants as green tea. I wish my local stores offered more than two flavors, but I’m eager to order directly other flavors online. Thank you!

  21. Doris D’Mellow

    This is the best coffee I have ever tasted.

  22. Logan

    I have some GI issues and was told by my NP to try using a low-acid organic coffee. I did a quick Google search and found Puroast. I recently purchased a bag and brewed it in my drip coffee machine. I thought the flavor was OK, however I could tell that it wasn’t going to be a problem stomach-wise. It kind of reminded me of a bag of coffee that has been left open for a few weeks and lost its flavor. But I’ll see how it works, if all goes well, I will try a different roast.

  23. Ida LaRosa (verified owner)

    I was told no coffee because of acid reflux! I decided to try Puroast…love it…no burning tummy with this coffee! I feel as if I no longer have reflux. I tasted my hubby’s regular coffee and now I like the taste of Puroast better!!!

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