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Low Acid Bourbon Pecan Torte

(6 customer reviews)

Bourbon Pecan Torte has a sweet bourbon flavor with a hint of fresh pecans reminiscent of your favorite holiday dessert. Enjoy the flavor of fall all year long with this Puroast favorite. It’s great for breakfast, or for a late night treat.



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“Now You Can Drink Coffee Again”. The superior smoothness of Puroast Low Acid Coffee allows you to enjoy that extra cup of coffee. Our proprietary roasting process retains all of the benefits of coffee without the negatives. Full bodied flavor with all the caffeine while having 70% less acid and 7 times more antioxidants than green tea. The overall benefits of Puroast Low Acid Coffee will help you “feel better, not bitter” long after you finish your cup.


6 reviews for Low Acid Bourbon Pecan Torte

  1. Victoria

    Love this brew

    This is my Husband’s favorite! Company love it and we tell them how to get it for themselves!

  2. Nicole

    Nice flavor

    Everyone wants to know what that wonderful smell is when I have this at work. It’s just yummy

  3. Dr. Sunshine

    Delicious flavor and quality!!!!!

    We just ordered our second bag of Low Acid Bourbon Pecan Torte, and it has only been a month since we ordered the first bag! My sweetheart went to college in New Orleans and this reminds him of the cuisine. I love the taste as well even though I’ve always lived by the coast. It reminds me of eating a yummy dessert, without sugar to destroy my body of course! 🙂

  4. Victoria

    all-time favorite

    since i found this brand of coffee, i’ve tried many different flavors but this has been our favorite and now a must have to our orders. its smooth, rich flavor. first cup i thought my husband spiked my coffee cup. not too overpowering, just perfect. truly a beautiful flavor!

  5. Joyce

    Wonderful aroma

    Great black. Smooth and tasty.

  6. Joyce

    Wonderful aroma

    Great black. Smooth and tasty.

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