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Puroast has 70% less acid than any other roasted coffee, and seven times the antioxidant level of green tea. One of the world´s leading coffee research chemists, Dr. Taka Shibamoto of The University of California, Davis, agreed to do an initial test on Puroast and compare it with other brands. What he found was “remarkable”. So noteworthy were these results, that Dr. Shibamoto published them. 

  • UC Davis research reveals Puroast averages 70% less acid than leading brands tested.

  • Dr. Shibamoto’s UCD team discovers that Puroast also has 7 times more antioxidants than green tea.

  • Gastroenterology supervised study shows that 85% of consumers surveyed reported relief from prior coffee-related symptoms after drinking Puroast.

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Dr. Shibamoto’s findings on the extraordinary attributes of Puroast: