the Roast


The Roast

What is Coffee

The coffee beans you have at home start out as a pea-green seed from a cherry-like fruit. In fact, if you chewed a green coffee bean, it’d taste pretty much like chewing a dried pea. But, everything changes after you roast this green coffee seed (and separates it from peas!).

Magic From Heating

Roasting is really the heating of this seed until it looks like you’re used to seeing in the store or at a coffee shop

On the outside roasted beans are either darker, lighter, shinier or duller comparing one to another. But, it’s what’s inside that makes coffee such an attraction to us mortals – aroma, taste and the chemistry inside, including caffeine.

And it’s these “insides” of Puroast Coffee that set it apart from every other coffee you can buy.

Roasting at Puroast

It turns out there is a connection between how coffee tastes, how bitter or smooth it is, how much acid it has, it’s antioxidant content, and how the coffee is heated during roasting.

Puroast roasts just like they do on the hacienda, unlike any other coffee in the country. That’s why Puroast tastes and makes you feel so good. It’s that simple!