7 things coffee lovers should have at home

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Want to up your coffee game, here are a few ideas to consider.

When you can’t make it to the Puroast Coffeehouse but want the fresh brewed experience.  Then take our advice…  — There’s some wonderful equipment that every purista should have at home to help you store, grind, roast, and brew the perfect cup. While it’s great that new, high-tech coffee gear is easier to access, some of the best solutions are actually pretty old and low tech.

1. A Greca also know as a moka pot

If you want the true more authentic taste of coffee or espresso and want something more portable and affordable than a full machine, grab a Greca. The pot is heat resistant enough to put over a gas stove, and it’s a timeless design — Italians have been using it since the 1930s. The pot makes a good, dense cup of espresso without expensive machinery.


2. A Chemex glass coffee maker

There’s no other pour-over method that makes you feel like a coffee specialist the way the Chemex does.

Coffee at home

3. A French press

A coffee pot containing a plunger made of fine mesh with the grounds pushed to the bottom when the coffee is ready to be poured.  French presses brew a deep cup of coffee with a bit of sediment at the bottom of every mug. They’re traditionally made of glass, but this SterlingPro press is double-walled and made of stainless steel, so it’ll keep liquids insulated for longer.

Coffee at home

4. A gooseneck kettle

If you’re using a pour-over device like the Chemex, then the gooseneck kettle is an outstanding two of the 1-2 punch combination.  Ensure the way water passes through more grounds rather than if you quickly dumped water all over it.

Coffee at home

5. A frother

Usually  running on two AAA batteries and doubles as a whisk. You don’t need an espresso machine to add a whipped layer to your cup, simply heat milk, froth it up, and spoon it on top of any espresso based drink.

Coffee at home

6. Coffee bags with a degassing valve

Coffee goes stale if you leave it out. This means that beans go through oxidation.  It is a chemical process that strips coffee of its aromas, oils, and acids that give it its flavor profile. But you can prevent this is by storing your coffee correctly. Using an airtight bag with a degassing valve will safely let oxygen out of the bag after you seal it.

Coffee at home

7. Your dependable mug

No home is quite right without your statement mug… Your Puroast Coffee mug.

Coffee at home