2 extra cups to lower risk of developing liver condition

2 extra cups to lower risk of developing liver condition
2 extra cups to lower risk of developing liver condition


Can 2 extra cups-of-joe lower the risk of developing the liver condition by 44%?


Cirrhosis claims the lives of over a million people each year.  The disease can be brought on by a number of factors, including excess alcohol intake, hepatitis infections, immune disease, and fatty liver disease. Traditionally, alcohol abuse has been the leading cause of cirrhosis, although obesity is expected to overtake this as the number one driver of the condition in the near future.

A recently published academic journal detailed findings from the University of Southhampton which analyzed data from nine studies involving over 430,000 participants. The researchers discovered that two additional cups of coffee each day led to a 44 percent reduced risk for liver cirrhosis.

Systematic review with meta-analysis: coffee consumption and the risk of cirrhosis


Exactly how coffee produces these effects is a question for future research. But the study's authors propose that it may have something to do with the drink’s antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties, both of which have previously been shown to protect against liver fibrosis.

Although this is highly encouraging information, researchers admit that the study has several limitations, including the fact that it only accounts for alcohol-related cirrhosis, and therefore doesn’t evaluate coffee’s impact on other causes of cirrhosis, such as obesity, diabetes or hepatitis infection. Additionally, it is also unclear whether all types of coffee – such as ground, instant, boiled and filtered coffee produce the same results.


Even with all the caveats, this is great news for coffee lovers. Your favorite beverage may actually help protect you from one of the world's insidious killers. So whose ready for a cuppa Joe?

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