How Do You Roast Your Coffee?

The coffee growers of the haciendas in the hills surrounding Barquisimeto (Venezuela) taught me what it takes to make the best coffee.  While the beans matter, the real secret to good coffee lies elsewhere - el tostado – or, the roast. Obviously intrigued, I was eager to learn more about this roasting art – so how do you roast your coffee? No hay problema amigo, pero primero aprenda nuestro idioma – no problem friend, but first learn our language.  So I did (kind of!).
This shot, from Guaríco, Estado Lara, is from the early days when I was just beginning to learn the Spanish language ‘a gringo learning the lingo’.
After a few years learning Spanish, hanging out with growers, learning their coffee roasting techniques, and many, back & forth taste trials with local Portuguese bakers, true coffee connoisseurs, one fine day we nailed it.  We had a recipe and a machine to bring Puroast to America.
Kerry Sachs
Puroast, CEO.