Discover Mounds of Grounds: A Flavorful Fitness Challenge

Imagine going through a mountain of coffee-scented mud, having to climb, crawl and tumble your way up and over richly aromatic terrain - that is exactly what you get when go through “Mounds of Grounds” the original fitness challenge conceived by the creative teams at Puroast and BattleFrog.
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Puroast, the feel good, No Sugar Needed™ coffee, is a proud sponsor, and is the official coffee for the BattleFrog races. Our smooth, rich brew that has 70% less acid, 7 times more antioxidants than green tea and 100% pure coffee is a perfect boost for such an athletic event. Because Puroast's special roasting makes it naturally low in acid and high in antioxidants, athletes can enjoy it without the need for sugar and artificial sweeteners.
Inspired by U.S. Navy SEALs training, the BattleFrog series was created as a tribute to our nation’s military and to help people learn about the work Navy SEALs do in protecting our great nation. These family friendly events feature challenges that enable racers to push themselves beyond their personal physical limits.
“It’s a lot of fun to hear from the racers after they’ve gone through the Mounds of Grounds™,” says Kerry Sachs, co-founder and CEO of Puroast. “When they first approach it they say ‘it smells like coffee around here!’ Then they stop by for an espresso afterwards and find out just how good Puroast tastes.  It’s definitely a unique way to get people to try our coffee”
“BattleFrog draws people that value fitness and healthy, quality diets, and Puroast’s No Sugar Needed™, low acid coffee is a great discovery for many who come to the events.  Puroast has become the daily brew for many of these athletes”, added Sachs. As part of this partnership, Puroast is raffling 5 free entries.
“Puroast’s low acid level and antioxidant boost makes it especially appealing to obstacle course racers,” said Chris Bates, BattleFrog’s Partnership Director. “Its great taste has earned it a thumbs up from participants, volunteers, and most importantly, our field team members throughout the country.”