The Gourmet Puroast Coffee Lifestyle

Puroast coffee puristas at home in Brickell, Miami!

For many, going to a coffee shop has become part of their daily routine, part of their life. It has become desirable to hang out in a coffeehouse. It is a place to meet with friends, hold business meetings or spend time on your own and read, or just sit and enjoy the ambience.

This may sound obvious and ordinary to us today. But just a few decades ago there were no coffeehouses of the kind we have now. No place where you would be surrounded by the sounds and smells of coffee beans being ground and brewed.

Puroast Coffee Lifestyle
Gourmet coffee and coffeehouses have changed the landscape of many neighborhoods, and changed the daily routines of many people who live and work in the area.
The Puroast Coffeehouse has gone even further…

  • 70% less acid then other coffee and

  • 7 times more antioxidants than green tea

  • Clinical research to back it up

  • Yet, taste amazing!

In the past, coffee was known more for its kick than for the quality of its taste. Today, Puroast coffee has come to touch our lives in a lot of new and different ways.
Puroast Coffee Lifestyle
The Purista experience is utterly different…

Puroast coffee has created a new category for superior taste with an attractive lifestyle and health benefit.  Its singular characteristics are the smooth flavor, low acid and high antioxidant qualities which have materially placed Puroast Coffee as the trend setting coffee brand.
Don’t take our word for it… Try us out!
You can now make gourmet coffee at home and enjoy a quality equal to that of traveling to Venezuela.